Cut Your Cholesterol With These Simple Tips

There are many reasons why an individual would experience high cholesterol such as what they eat on a daily basis or their family history. If an individual consumes too much saturated fat, it is likely they will get high cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Food

Food that comes with unhealthy fat often comes from animals and range from cheese, pork, butter, beef, eggs, and milk. Each of these foods all contain saturated fats. Food that has been processed or prepacked that have coconut oil or other oil will also have saturated fat in them. Saturated fat can also be found in chips, margarine, biscuits, vegetable shortening, crackers, and other snacks. This kind of food will usually cause an individual to put on weight and lots of it.

If you end up overweight, you are at risk of decreasing your HDL and triglycerides. HDL is your good cholesterol. Workout programs are a great way to remove any extra weight you may gain from these foods. If you are inactive all the time, this too can give you high cholesterol.

Age, Gender, and Family History

Apart from the level of your activity and diet, other causes of high cholesterol include age and gender. At twenty years of age, your cholesterol will automatically start to increase. The level of cholesterol in males will begin to become even higher when they reach fifty years of age. The cholesterol levels in females will usually remain low until menopause. After menopause, their cholesterol levels will start to be the same as their male counterparts.

Family history has a huge effect on the levels of an individual’s cholesterol. If others in your family have high cholesterol, then always have your cholesterol levels checked on a regular basis. Be sure to have them monitored carefully and closely. To lower the levels of high cholesterol, try going on a diet that is designed to maintain the levels of your cholesterol.

How to Cut Cholesterol

The good news is, high cholesterol levels can be managed. Even if an individual has low levels of cholesterol, a good diet and exercise program should always be put in use. Since the levels of cholesterol can be managed, low cholesterol is something that many individuals can do without medication.

However, medication may be required if age or family history are the causes of high cholesterol. Always make sure to consult your medical doctor on what can be down to lower the levels of your cholesterol. You may be required to go on prescription drugs or on a new diet. A doctor is the only person who can advise you what the best approach is in terms of improving your health. This includes how you can keep your cholesterol levels low.

High cholesterol can cause heart attacks and lead to heart disease. This means that watching the levels of your cholesterol is paramount. Low cholesterol levels will give you the opportunity to live longer and become a healthier individual. Be sure to get your levels checked regularly. This way you and your doctor will be able to manage any problems before they become bigger.


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