9 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

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Many people suffer from high blood pressure with some of them not even realizing that they have high blood pressure to begin with. Those that know they have it try to find solutions to lower blood pressure for themselves without the use of medication. Unfortunately, sometimes proper diet and exercise do not always help and you need to seek the advice of a medical professional. But there are things that you can do at home to help lower blood pressure. Prescription drugs are commonly synthetic and do not treat the underlying cause of your problem.

They also cause many other side effects, and can potentially cause additional health problems. No doubt you know that you should not eat foods that are high in salt. You probably also know that exercise is beneficial, and excessive alcohol should be avoided. These facts are common knowledge, but there are many other little less-known secrets about hypertension and how to reduce it.

1. Watch your weight

Other than obesity, there are various health complications that can arise when you are overweight, with blood pressure being one of them. Studies have shown that losing even ten pounds can have a significant impact on your blood pressure and overall health status! Some prefer to monitor the waistline, rather than actual weight, and this may be even more beneficial. Keep in mind that men and women have different “healthy” standards for a waistline, as well as weight.

lower blood pressure, high blood pressure, lower high blood pressure
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2. Eat well

Everyone knows they should have healthy eating habits, but it’s easier said than done! This also links back to the first point, as eating well will help with weight loss. It’s not necessary to even go on a diet, but, if you’re inclined, check with your doctor before starting a diet. This way he or she can help you in choosing the diet that meets your needs without putting the major restrictions on you.

3. Decrease salt consumption

Salt is a huge issue for people who suffer from high blood pressure; it’s important to pick food options that minimize the amount of salt you consume regularly. Your blood pressure will immediately improve with this small adjustment. If you’re worried about having to eat bland food, herbs and spices are fantastic alternatives.

4. Keep drinking water

Drinking water cleans out any waste that has accumulated in your body and keeps you properly hydrated. Drinking water also flushes out excess sodium. When your body is dehydrated, it will attempt to conserve water reserves by constricting arteries throughout the body. This restricts water available for evaporation through the skin but can also increase blood pressure. Eight or more glasses of clean water each day and you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

5. Exercise and sweat

Try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your day at least three times a week. Doing mild aerobic exercise and yoga is a good way to relieve hypertension or to lower high blood pressure. Getting your heart rate up mildly increases oxygen in your body and lowers blood pressure. You can also practice breathing methodically as you exercise – this helps hypertension and stress. Of course, this also helps with weight loss and getting your body ready to hit up the beach this summer!

6. Stop drinking so much coffee

Caffeine can bring about a short, sensational expansion in your pulse, regardless of the possibility that you don’t have hypertension. It’s indistinct what causes this spike in one’s pulse. Several scientists believe that caffeine could obstruct a hormone that keeps your blood vessels broadened. Others surmise that caffeine causes your adrenal organs to discharge more adrenaline, which causes your circulatory strain to increase. A few people who routinely drink jazzed refreshments have a higher normal pulse than the individuals who drink none. Other people who consistently drink charged refreshments build up a resilience to caffeine. Therefore, caffeine doesn’t have a long–term impact on their pulse. It appears that caffeine has a more grounded circulatory strain expanding impact in men who are older than 70 or who are overweight.

Source: pixabay.com
Source: pixabay.com

7. Moderate your alcohol intake

When it comes to lowering your blood pressure naturally, alcohol becomes a complicated issue. This is because alcohol can be both bad and good for you. Here is what you should know. The idea is to employ moderation. Those who drink too much will not just have increased pressure but will also suffer from liver diseases, heart failures, strokes, certain cancers, not to forget fatalities caused when driving drunk. Taken in moderation, alcohol will promote your level of good cholesterol and even prevent blood clots. Many experts will advise you to take a glass of red wine a day to get the goodness of alcohol and other red wine components.

8. Put out your cigarette

You should quit smoking. It is hard, but if you are already showing signs of high blood pressure the last thing you want is to be also scoring bad results for other risk factors.

9. Keep stress levels under control

Many people do not realize that stress can play a big part with high blood pressure. The more stress you have, the higher your blood pressure can become. If you find that you’re one of the people that suffer from a significant amount of stress, whether it be from personal problems, dealing with family issues or even work-related issues, then you want to find ways to help reduce your stress to lower blood pressure. Some people look into such things as yoga to help relieve stress. You can even try reading a book which takes your mind off of the other things that are going on around you and can contribute to reducing stress.

After you start any of these tips, monitor your blood pressure frequently. With the right alternative blood pressure medicine and treatments, you can be successful in your endeavors to lower blood pressure naturally.

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